Time-sensitive announcements

*** The next Godly Play for Adults session will be offered from 8:50 – 9:50am on Sunday, April 6, 2014, ending in time for everyone to attend Church at the Commons or the service in the cathedral. Childcare for GP age children and younger is available in the nursery. The experience of worship in a Godly Play space will answer many of your questions about Godly Play, and remaining questions will answered if possible, during Feast.

*** We introduced the Great Family Album on Oct. 13, but you may still bring or send electronically a picture of your family! Something +/- 5×7 in either orientation and off of your printer on regular paper, is fine!  Opening up this album at the conclusion of the Great Family story made a perfect ending to the Great Family story, but having family pictures helps us in many ways during the year as well, and the children use this book for the entire year. If you provided one last year when we had three and four year olds together, no need to send a new one unless you’d like to. Thank you!


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