“Outside” Help! (how grownups help)

On the inside, our room is prepared for children to do many things well without needing to ask for help from the Doorperson or Storyteller. This allows the two adult guides to spend more time observing and less time “intruding” on the work of the children. This is their room, and on Sunday mornings we are there for them.

On the outside, our hall is prepared for adults to do many things that will help us on the inside, without needing to ask for help from the Doorperson! The DP and ST would love to have an extended visit with you, outside of class time! But we do need to know of anything that will affect your child’s time with us today, so please help us be informed, while our focus remains on welcoming each child individually and facilitating each threshold crossing. Everything you need to help us (including “examples”) should be in the hall.

Restroom – please have your child use the restroom before coming to class.

Nametags – are designed to be easiest for a RIGHT HANDED adult to pin on a child, so please tell us if you’d like your pin reversed.  Attaching/removing tags is one of the few things we don’t encourage children in this room to do themselves. Tags may be in new (alphabetical) order following each break for Church at the Commons. 

Reusable Visitor Nametags  are in 6 different colors. Inside the room are labels in the same colors, to label art work.  Each visitor has a cubby labeled with the same color. We don’t know you yet, but we are ready for YOU!

Necessary to pick up during the session (before 11:25)?   1) tell your child!  2) write child’s name and time on a Post-it   3) give this to the DP at the beginning of class. We will say a quiet goodbye and have your child ready to leave when we see you.

Events that will keep your child away next week or in the future can also be indicated on a Post-it! Our opening prayer remembering all who are not present will be even more meaningful. We know you are pulled in many directions. We understand! We’ll be delighted though, if your child can come, after all.

Birthdays for all will be celebrated on our last day of class, when everyone’s name will be placed in about the right place on the Circle of the Church Year wall calendar.

Additional ways to help include saving unique things one might otherwise throw out, for our “what might this become” box on the art shelf. No need for paper towel type tubes or styrofoam peanuts… but other finds that are pretty, interesting, unusual, etc. (An insert in a small box might become a frame. Or something else!) Also needed are interesting things for collage trays and fronts from some Christmas cards. You may put these on the counter inside the room when we are not in session, or leave by the door on Sunday mornings.

There is periodic need for paper cutting, assembly of various sized blank booklets, and other things that could be done at home. Let us know if you would like to help in this way! Thank You!


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