A Very Good Journey

This week the children saw The Ark and the Temple. I often introduce this as a mini lesson immediately following The Ark and the Tent, because we rarely have enough Sundays for all the stories we’d like to tell between our beginning in September and the beginning of Advent. It has been years since The Ark and the Temple could have it’s own day. The children seemed most interested in the fact that there were the same things in it as there were in the tent, and they liked the larger laver outside! Good facilities for hand washing impress children this age. 

Next Sunday our 2013 Desert Journey will end with The Exile and Return. Being able to tell all the stories in sequence this year gives me, the storyteller, that special gift of connection, and new appreciation all over again for the way Godly Play stories allow us to become a part of what was, is, and will be. More than any other time in the year, I wish each child could experience each story! Then I remember that they have many years ahead with lots of time for their circles of meaning to grow. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do my own big work as we help create space for the children to do theirs! 


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