At the end of “The Beginning” (Days of Creation, 2013)

The Days of Creation story may not be the first fall story presentation. The Circle of the Church Year and/or Holy Family are my preferences for beginning another “school year”. But the words we use to set the scene (that impossible to imagine time before there was anything)  establish the beginning of a time line. If you would like to see where this beginning is in our room , please go back to the September 20, 2012 post.

I have always loved this Godly Play version  because it reminds me, day by day, gift by gift, that all of creation is a gift. We begin the presentation with an opportunity to remember and talk about special gifts that we  have received, perhaps for birthdays or Christmas. Expressed in varying degrees of clarity, we hear about books and toys and pets and other things – the substance of which sometimes remains a mystery. During my first years as a storyteller in a room with three to five -turning six- year olds, more thoughts were expressed in the circle by the older children. The same was true at Trinity in our room with just three and four year olds. Three year olds had interesting thoughts, but more likely expressed at another time. Last year we had a disproportionate number of three year olds. I began to forget what wondering time in the circle can be. Now we have a group of four year olds – some almost five. Our group wondering after the Days of Creation was typical, children sharing what they liked the best, what day/gift is most important to them etc., but at Feast, the lights began coming on! After being thankful for water that we were drinking, and for the water in the dry land which gave water to the orange we were eating… it was fun to witness the realization that each of us would not be here (nor would the here be here) without these gifts! As a group, we said “Thank you, God!”

I wonder what we will wonder following the Flood and the Ark on September 29th?



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