….very, very purple!

“The time of the color purple” will have different, or no meaning, to people unfamiliar with church liturgical seasons. But what meaning does purple have to you, and to the children in this Godly Play room? From the presentation  last week of The Mystery of Easter, and through each of the plaques in The Faces of Easter which we will begin this Sunday and continue through the remainder of Lent, there is the possibility that much will be associated with this color. We’ve heard that purple is the color of kings, of royalty, and in The Mystery of Easter, Jerome Berryman describes it also as a serious color, and goes on to say that some people think it is a sad color. In my own storytelling I have replaced sad with dark. It is dark. Perhaps what is about to happen is sad. 

Ask.com Desktop Publishing unknowingly describes purple in a very Godly Play way: “Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality. The opposites of red hot and cool blue combine to create this intriguing color.” Oh my. There is a lot to play with in that last sentence! The children have and will continue to see that sadness and happiness combine into something wonderful that brings us great joy. The sadness of death and the happiness of new and different life combine, to become pure celebration! We can’t have one, without the other. If purple is sad, we know it has a happy ending. Sadness doesn’t have to stay in it’s purpleness.


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