2013-2014 Story Schedule

Sept. 15         Circle of the Church Year

Sept. 22         Days of Creation

Sept. 29         Flood and the Ark


Oct. 13           Great Family

Oct. 20           Exodus

Oct. 27           Ten Best Ways


Nov. 10          Ark and the Tent

Nov. 17          Ark and the Temple

Nov. 24          Exile and Return


Dec.  8           Advent I, II (Advent 2)

Dec. 15          Advent (I, II) III (Advent 3)

Dec. 22          Advent (I, II, III) IV, Christmas, Epiphany (Advent 4)



Jan. 12           Holy Baptism

Jan. 19           Parable (TBA)

Jan. 26           Parable


Feb.  9            Parable

Feb. 16           Parable

Feb. 23           Parable


Mar.  9            Mystery of Easter introduced, Faces of Easter I, II  (Lent 1)

Mar. 16           Faces of Easter (I, II) III, IV  (Lent 2)

Mar. 23           Faces of Easter (I, II, III, IV) V  (Lent 3)

Mar. 30           Faces of Easter (I, II, III, IV, V) VI, VII  (Lent 4)




Apr. 27           Easter Eggs


May 11           Good Shepherd and World Communion

May 18           Synagogue and Upper Room

May 25           Jesus and the Twelve (for young children)


June  8           Mystery of Pentecost (Pentecost)

June 15          Circle of the Church Year (Family Open House in our room following GP)



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