Happy New Year!

“Now the days are really short. It gets dark very early. It looks as if the light is about to go out. Right at that time, when the light seems to be coming to an end, we reach Advent. The year ends, and it begins again.”

These words from Circle of the Church Year, our story almost three weeks ago (pg. 31 in V. 2 of The Complete Guide to Godly Play), may have even more meaning for those of us living in places where the days are even shorter than short! The children see on our Circle of the Church Year wall calendar that we are getting close to a bright celebration, and they are filled with joyful anticipation. But as we will hear in our Advent story… some people will walk right through the Mystery of Christmas and miss what is there. It is easy to become consumed by what one thinks must be done, thanks in part to the Christmas Industry. We are given this special time to prepare to enter this Mystery. We have choices in what we prepare.

Our liturgical year concluded with the story Jonah, the Backward Prophet. The children heard about prophets, people who know what God wants them to do, and then they do it. Prophets help people find what is best to do. Prophets can speak for God. They can be boys or girls. There might even be a prophet in our circle! Our next session will be on Dec. 9th when we’ll present Advent I & II. We are all invited to go to Bethlehem, along with the Prophets and the Holy Family (and later, the Shepherds and Angels, and the Three Kings) on a journey that happened a long time ago, and is still happening. As we journey, our path will be lit by by the light of all with whom we travel!



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