Beyond That Which We Can Imagine, to Nice (or Not Nice) Small Places

On September 30, a journey began in the desert with Abram, Sarai, young people, old people, many animals, and Trinity Cathedral’s 3&4 Year Old GP class. We traveled all the way from the ancient city of Ur, up to Haran and ending finally in Hebron.  It was there where we learned that Abram and Sarai (both VERY old) would become the mother and father of a great family, which would be “as many as there are stars in the sky and grains of sand in the desert”. That was pretty hard to imagine! Then, a huge surprise: Abram (who now was Abraham) and Sarai (who now was Sarah) DID have a baby, and they named him Isaac. Our children loved it when Isaac grew up and married Rebekah! They had children, and their children had children, and those children had children, and this Godly Play Math Lesson helped us all to understand how a family gets larger and larger.  We looked at the grains of sand in our tiny part of the desert. Those grains alone could represent the biggest family imaginable! Then, we opened our own Great Family Album, and there WE were too, all part of this family which is bigger than the limits of our imagination. By 11:25, we were all exhausted. It was good we had Church at the Commons this week, giving us another week before we continue on!

On October 14 we will travel with this family – The People of God –  to Egypt. They needed to go on to a place where there was more food. Parent Pages will help you and your child recall the Exodus story together.

The children in this room are only 3 or 4, or just turning 5. They are little! So what “really big work” could someone do here? This image might help: A child taken to the beach will watch waves…for a short time. Soon the child will turn away from the big view and start digging a hole in the sand, perhaps watching the water come in and go out. Eventually the hole may be dug deeper or wider, but it won’t become so big that it no longer serves it’s function…to be something manageable, definable, so the child can “know” this hole.  But once the hole is known, there is no way to know more (grow), unless the hole changes! These Sacred Stories seem to make us look at the ocean (or deepen the hole) maybe longer than or before we’d like. It may feel exciting but maybe uncomfortable too, for it is impossible to fully know it. So we find or make a hole which sometimes is comforting, and sometimes restricting, but either way, it is easier to know. There is movement in these stories between what is larger than we can imagine, to tight containment, and the stories let us experience both, putting us sometimes in places we would rather not be. But then, we can choose how we want or need to respond!  The children are playing with BIG issues in a very safe place, but big work can be exhausting!


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