Please come with us, but expect to do “big” work!

A repeating theme in Godly Play is about endings and beginnings. Right now we are experiencing this in the words of the “Sacred Stories”, the genre of Godly Play stories often presented each Fall. The ending of one story often becomes the beginning of the next, and as children look at the shelves, they can begin to see a larger picture.

On Sunday we experienced the Flood and the Ark, which concluded with an image of life returning, once again, to the four corners of the earth. This coming Sunday in the presentation of The Great Family, we will experience life and civilization as it developed in the ancient city of Ur, which in some ways is no different than our life today. As we walk in the desert with Abram and Sarai, and in the stories which follow, we too will meet the very same existential limits to existence of aloneness, freedom (and the threat of freedom), our need to make meaning, and death – issues which even young children have, but lack the language to express!  Godly Play offers a safe place for all to play with these huge issues. Right now, you may see only 4 corners, but this is where our journey on Sunday will begin:

So pack your bags and come with us, but make sure you can carry them because we are walking! The part of the story included in your Parent Pages shows but doesn’t tell the first part of the presentation, traveling from Ur in a NW direction to Haran, why they continued on to the south, and what the stone altars represent. Your child may recall some of this from the picture!


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