Once Again, and On Time…the (sacred story) train left the station!

It was great fun to present Days of Creation to the children on Sunday, not only as a story about beginning, but marking the beginning of an uninterrupted journey down the sacred story shelf. It is one logical place to start or restart Godly Play in the Fall! These are the stories your children pass as they walk from the doorperson to the storyteller in our circle. These are the stories anticipated  by children who began Godly Play after November, and the stories some will get to enter again, and anew, with the wider eyes of an expanded world view that comes with being older! And these are the stories our newest Godly Players may see and hear for the first time, especially as a Godly Play presentation.

Children in this room absorb these stories through their senses and with their bodies. They may not be able to put them into words  – that’s one reason we would like you to have your set of Parent Pages now! They will recall images and their own personal feelings, in addition to certain word phrases or patterns that repeat, and ultimately help us create meaning. Children who come often will begin to make some connections between stories. It is Godly Play that has helped me, as an adult, to do most of my growing! This coming Sunday we will move to the very next story on the right…  “The Flood and the Ark”.


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