It is time to begin, at the beginning (or maybe a bit before the beginning…)

Godly Play children will see that there are “three great times” in our church year; Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost. There are times for getting ready for the three great times, and there are times for us to grow…we call them the “green and growing Sundays”. Several children attending orientation this morning commented on “that huge clock on the wall” …without anyone telling them, they already know that our wall calendar is about time! The Circle of the Church Year story is an excellent one for beginning each Godly Play year;  and the one most often used by storytellers.

Circle of the Church Year

But this year it will be presented later and it will still be most appropriate. We will use the wall calendar weekly, and even without the story, the children will soon know that there is more about time than simply what time it is. We have beginnings and endings, and endings that are like new beginnings…  So tomorrow, for our first Godly Play class of the 2012-2013 year, we will start at the very beginning, or maybe even a little before the beginning….

Days of Creation


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